1. Login to the Azure EA Portal (https://ea.azure.com) using your Azure access credentials (Microsoft Account, Live ID, or work/school account)

2. Select the correct enrolment (if you have multiple enrolments)

3. You should now see an 7/8-digit number in the top-left corner – this is your Enrolment Number

4. You must be an administrator of the enrolment to generate a suitable API key – ensure that you can see and click on the “Enrollment” link at the top of the page. When you do so, you should see a list of Administrators for the Enrolment – please ensure that your login is listed here. If you cannot see this tab, the Administrators list, or your login, you do not have the correct access level. Please try to identify someone who may have the correct access level to continue this process.

5. Click on Reports on the left-hand navigation bar

6. Click Download Usage in the top navigation bar

7. Click on API Access Key in the second-level top navigation bar

8. Click the generate link to generate a new API key

9. Click the expand key link for the newly generated API key

10. You should now see around 760 characters of random text – this is the API Key

11. Copy both the Enrolment Number and API Key and send these over to us via the Services Portal or other convenient method.

Please note:  The API key gives Bytes read-only access to the detailed billing data. It does not give any access at all to the Azure resources or their configuration.